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We are a team that constantly questions, challenges, and learns to create innovations around every turn.

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We understand the struggle.
For, we have been through such.

Right at our beginning, we noticed something peculiar with our sales team: most sales personnel spent more time on managing data and reporting numbers than focusing on customers and revenue.

The conventional practice of Monday meetings, Daily Sales Reports, Cold calling was more of blockages than enablers. So after a series of meetings, months of real-time research, and countless technological interventions we came up with a decision to build an interactive system that helps people achieve their business goals more purposefully. We called it, Salesfokuz.

The Inception

Salesfokuz, the brainchild of Mr. Manodh Mohan was incepted in 2015. Started as a team of 3, it took 36 months to implement and penetrate Salesfokuz into the market. Self-investment, friends, and family were the sources that helped us with sufficient funds.

We are a team of 90+ passionate and driven individuals who constantly question, challenge and learn to create great innovations around every turn. The learner spirit is the cement that brings us together, which pushes us towards new challenges and new victories.

Together We Grow

With this team spirit, Salesfokuz has been showing a growth of around 45% year-on-year. Within a short span of time, we have multiple market leaders in our clientele including major banks like SBI DFHI, Saraswat Bank, DCB Bank and CSB Bank. 95% of our customers are repeating customers.

Customer satisfaction is the main reason behind repeated purchases from existing customers. The majority of new clients are referenced from our existing clients.

Our achievements
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Our work continues to be recognized for the excellence. Check out the highlights of our achievements and recognitions.

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