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The best FMCG sales app in India's FMCG sector

  • 25th May 2021

India’s market is expanding with numerous distributors, dealers, retailers, and end customers. Millions of business transactions happen in the Indian market, and a single company has to face multiple transactions. Is it possible to take control of these transactions and your valuable customer’s requirement with equal preference? Yes, it is, but, it requires a feature-rich FMCG sales tracking app that can take care of your entire business functions with equal preferences. It should be one that automates business functions and field sales; thereby, helping you increase sales and production.

Let’s understand why is FMCG sales app needed for FMCG businesses?

In India's market, field sales management encounters several challenges to stay competitive. An efficient automated support system can enhance a business's productivity in this industry. There are numerous reasons why opting for a better FMCG sales tracking app is necessary, and some of the major ones are listed below:

  • Most of India's small and medium scale business industries are working in an unorganized manner and lacks adequate technical infrastructure.
  • Many organizations failed to find a proper system for data management and a centralized information system.
  • Multi-brand distributors lack proper software support for data management of various brands at a time.
  • Rural area businesses add multiple levels in sales and distribution channels that increase operational cost and inefficiency.
  • Businesses lack real-time access to order management, stock management, inventory management, and data transfers across multiple platforms. All these cause unwanted delays in business transactions and monetary losses.
  • Lack of efficient business tools for operating business activities and generating business reports.

These are some major issues that are seen in daily work management of many organizations that cause huge delays in business cycle. Also, it affects productivity, sales, and profitability.

How FMCG sales app overcome these issues?
Instant sales and performance reports

Business trends in the FMCG industry are changing regularly. Therefore the sales, productions, and workflow need to be analyzed and monitored regularly to fill the gap. FMCG sales app creates instant reports that are of high accuracy. Business managerial levels can study these reports for planning future business operations.

Seamless Order management

Order management is another fundamental task that can be executed easily with the help of the FMCG sales tracking app. Field executives can update orders instantly through their mobile app, and managers can know it from their web dashboard. It fosters quick distribution of products and on-time delivery to its customers. FMCG sales app reduces unwanted delays and complexities in transactions.

Customer relationship

FMCG sales app help organizations to maintain a healthy relationship with their customers. FMCG sales tracking app stores customer data at the central database that can be assessable for everyone in the sales cycle. Analyzing customer data provides a clear-cut picture of their needs and wants. Hence, we can address their needs by offering personalized services and care.

A proficient FMCG sales tracking app like Fastfokuz can streamline the business, managing workflow and other sales activities in an organized way. It can support and automate sales functions to improve efficiency in order management, better customer management, and so on. It removes obstacles in the sales functions of a business and allows real-time access to its products, distribution, and workflow. +91 759 284 2555 +91 759 284 2555
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