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5 Critical Things You Didn't Know CRMs Can Do For Your Business Real Estate Industry ?

  • 06 January 2018

The better a business can manage the relationships it has with its customers,more importantly its salesforce, the more successful it will become. Thus the importance of the term 'relationship' in the abbreviation CRM - Customer Relationship Management. To make it simpler, CRM is all of the actions, approaches and technologies that companies use to manage their connections with their customers - current and potential. CRM helps businesses create and maintain a relationship with their salesforce and customers that, in turn, creates trust, dependability and customer retention – these are exactly the factors that result in increased revenue for a business. Therefore, CRM is that magic wand which converts relationships into revenue. Apart from this, there are numerous reasons why you should adopt a CRM for your business.

Manage Leads and Sales

Effective management of leads and sales empowers your sales team to focus entirely on what they do best – selling. Most state-of-the-art CRMs also have real-time tracking and reporting capabilities, making it easier for salespeople and management to report on sales activities. For instance, SalesFokuz, an advanced CRM tool, gives real-time notifications on business, sales and performance metrics; thus, empowering the manager to make informed decisions.

Improve Sales Efficiency

Prioritizing leads and opportunities is the first step to convert and close deals. This can be achieved by knowing the level of customers engagement and the right time to reach out for optimal response. Adopting the right CRM tool can free up the sale force and managers from manual backend tasks and give them more time to connect with customers. Manual operations like managing contact information or data entry can be automated leaving your employees with more time talking to improve and strengthen relationships with existing and prospective customers.

Manage sales team activity

CRM tools, like SalesFokuz, use business intelligence to manage the activity of sales team. It generates multiple reports that enable the sales leader to manage his team by effectively analysing complete sales performance.

Access analytics and reports

Analytics and focused reports are crucial to understanding the growth of business and enable managers to develop to develop specific, up-to-date sales plan. An advanced CRM can give you customised reports like Daily Call Report, Sales Funnel Report, Lead Performance Report, Sales Forecast Report, Daily, Weekly Productivity Report, Sales Calls, Followup Reports, and most importantly a visually interactive dashboard to manage them.

Grow sales

A CRM with all its features and capabilities, if utilized properly, helps to drive up sales and increase profit in your business. Critical measurable insights like - how many sales were made last week, potential sales that are in sales performance, how many leads are being converted to customers, ROI of the sales team cost help businesses to discover trends that propel business growth. CRM is a pivotal tool that can help businesses work smarter, sell smarter and grow faster. +91 759 284 2555 +91 484 4367555
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